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Since the most visible features in all kitchens are the cabinets, nobody wants a kitchen cabinet that looks of the rack. So go custom! The word custom brings to mind a team of master craftsmen, working on your project to suit your every need. Working to particular client demands, Afri Kitchens will undertake commissions in all types of wood and are proud to include our design service as part of the commission.

We are the one stop solution when it comes to distinguished cabinets for your kitchen. Our great variety of kitchen cabinets allows us to provide you with the absolute perfect product. Crafted with your satisfaction in mind, every particular piece reveals the utmost care and finesse. Our collection includes many options of colours and styles that will make you love your kitchen.

Since we do not believe in outsourcing our projects (or parts thereof) to other contractors, you will be ensured of the absolute best finger on the pulse quality. Afri Kitchens strives to give the best professional service, resulting in the best possible products. Planning everything professionally to the exact millimeter is extremely important to us, and therefore we make use of the latest designing software to give you an up to scale drawing and exact photo realism presentation of how your kitchen, bedroom, study or bathroom will look upon completion, before starting the project.

The absolute best material on the market is being used – from the ordinary kitchen accessories to the latest exclusive gadgets you can find. The saying: “Nothing is too big or too small for us” is not just a cliché at Afri Kitchens but a certainty and part of our mission of bringing you the utmost best. And the best also includes great personal service and competitive pricing! We believe that by providing excellence in our service and quality in our products we will earn credibility, as we have done over the years. Your satisfaction is our main priority.
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